What are friends for?

2 11 2009

Siempre he sentido algo especial por la literatura, y una gran admiración por los buenos autores y por su capacidad de expresar cosas tan complejas como los sentimientos a través de cosas tan aparentemente simples como las palabras.

A veces he intentado escribir alguna cosilla. Ojalá tuviera yo también esa capacidad de poder expresar sentimientos a través de pocas palabras, y además, de hacerlo arte. Aquí alguna de las cosas que escribí:


What are Friends For?

 Friendship is such a nice and beautiful concept, but, where does it come from? Personally, when I think about the origins of anything, I always tend to think about Greeks, the Ancient Greeks. They were a very witty and pragmatic civilisation.

 Those smart Greeks, who drafted the ideal shape of the perfect Government, might have as well sketched the perfect link between two individuals of the same species.

 Later on, when Romans invaded their land, they –Romans, another intelligent civilisation- borrowed the most useful things that Greeks had; the concept of friendship among them.

 Finally, Barbarians stole it from Romans and were the nation which, after many centuries, brought it to perfection. Barbarians were another mentally bright tribe, a little savage and bloody, that is true, but very bright in the end. Fréondscipe they called it in their Old English.

 Friendship has constantly kept on evolving and changing its own features, in fact it has been people who has changed and adapted it to our time.  As it happens to a great bunch of things, friendship has shifted from one to extreme to the opposite one.

 Have you ever been unlucky enough to be someone’s friend? If so, I bet you remember some situations which every friend has lived: You go to a pub with your friend and the both of you have a drink, but when your friend tries to reach for his wallet…”Oh, man, can you pay that one? I left my wallet on the car” What can you answer? “Never mind, what are friends for?”

 Not only is it exasperating but it can get even worse. When you get out of the pub, your friend asks “Hey, can I borrow your car tonight? I have met a girl whom I want to impress, you live some blocks form here and…we are friends, aren’t we?” 

 Barbarians probably did not have to give their friends a lift or let them their cars, albeit I am sure they had to pay them more than a beer, however, in our present time, it is not really exaggerated affirming having friends is much better than being someone’s friend and even better than being the owner of a bank; what can enrich you more than your best friends?


Aquí hay más cosillas que en su día intenté escribir.





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